Meet Connected Core

What is it?

It's a centralized, cloud-based platform with a web portal and a native mobile app. It includes a focused dashboard that collects and organizes information from your business systems and personalizes that data for each user.


Your system can perform complex or long-running tasks in the background


We use enterprise-level, multi-factor authentication and encryption everywhere


It can send e-mails, text messages, push notifications, and even faxes to anyone


It can connect to any API on earth and can even recieve and process email

How is this

different from SaaS?

Not a Shared Solution
Once purchased, you own your code. You don't share it with other companies. It exists on servers you control and your team has full access it. If any point you grow and want your own team to update and maintain it, great! It's yours to keep, we'll even help you find the right people.
Ever Evolving
You can choose to get core updates as they become available for things like security, usability, accessibility, and performace. The internet is an ever-changing landscape of opportunityes and threats. Your system will adapt.
No Change is Too Big
Becuase of our unique branch system, your code can be modified in any way without affecting other branches. We recognize that your business has unique challenges, and "no" is not an acceptable answer.
It's Bedrock for Growth
Your system is an open source, maintainable, and updatable framework. It's core code can be augmented to include any new system or process. It has already been succesfully adapted to accounting, HR, manufacturing, health care and many more situations.